Monday, January 24, 2011

Sew Easy: On A Roll

I change bags often (for work, for the gym, for a night out with the girls) and I often forget to transfer my makeup must-haves (mascara and lip balm). So I decided to sew a simple solution - a mini makeup roll that takes an hour to finish and rolls up to the size of your fist - small enough to hide anywhere, even in the side pocket of your car door. If you have a few fabric squares and an afternoon, here are the steps to make your own.
Start with six fabric squares, each measuring 5" x 5". Cut 1.5" off two of the squares. Cut these rectangles in half along the width, so you have four rectangles measuring 2.5" x 3.5".
Cut your other for squares in half. Make two blocks of four rectangles each from these by sewing four rectangles together, long edges together.
Make another block out of the smaller rectangles by sewing the long edges together. I used the pink polka dots (which will be the pockets to hold the makeup), but you could mix up your fabric choices as well.

Iron light fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the larger blocks and also to the wrong side of the smaller block.
Cut a rectangle from lining fabric (I picked the graphic pattern above) measuring 8.5" x 3.5". Sew this lining piece to the smaller block, right sides together, along the top edge only. Turn the fabrics the right way out and press the seam. Now you have your pocket piece!
(Pictured below)
Sew the pocket piece (pieced side out) to the right side of the larger block without the interfacing. Make sure your bottom raw edges are aligned. Sew along the 3 seam dividing lines on the pocket. This makes your four narrow pockets - just the right size for a mascara wand, tube of lip gloss, or bottle of nail polish.
Cut 25" from your ribbon. This will be attached at the end, to the very middle of the back of your roll, with just a few stitches. In the meantime, make sure your roll is the right way, with corners pushed out. Press the roll, and turn in the top raw edge. Sew the top edge, closing your roll. Your top gap is now closed and your pockets are complete. You can also apply a product like Fray Stop to finish your edges.
Pictured above - the finished mini makeup roll, with products inside. It's quite small; perfect to pop in your bag. Pictured below - this is how it rolls up. You can select a basic ribbon; I chose pom poms for an extra dose of charm. Find more simple sew projects here.

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  1. Hi, Kate! Just popping over from the Martha Stewart Crafts blog. Thanks for commenting on my post! Your roll-up case is so nice! If I make another one, I hope I have more time to make a pretty one like this.