Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Sew-Sew Saturday

My niece has a pair of red cowboy boots. She wears them with everything. She's learning to accessorize at a very young age. So, what to get this little fashionista with a flare for the wild west? I know Valentine's Day is a week away, but that's the amount of time it takes to guarantee a package gets from my house to my niece's mailbox. Here's the little parcel I'm sending by post - an equestrian tee (from Gap Kids) and a plush pony. And the card, with a horse shoe on it, reads "I would be lucky to have you for a Valentine!"
See the step-by-step below.
My very rough horse template, fabric, and string.
And then I couldn't pick just one fabric, so I decided to coordinate.
And every horse needs a tail. For braiding and brushing, of course.
I sewed most of the horse with the 'right' side fabrics facing each other. For the tail, I tied a small piece of string around the middle of it and tucked it into the horse, sewing it right into the seam. Then I reversed the pony, stuffed it with plush, and finished sewing along the feet.
I still can't decide which fabric I prefer!
Here's the adorable tee, which coordinates. Sew simple!
And to think. It all started with a pair of red cowboy boots.

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  1. Awh, I love it! Very cute. I hope your Niece enjoyed it!