Monday, April 18, 2011

A Moveable Feast

Although I've never been lucky enough to live in Paris, I think Hemingway would approve of this tribute to a splendid table. I crave wide open spaces, but this spring I only have the space for a container garden. After reading about raised beds, I decided to re-purpose a few empty wine boxes. In a few weeks, I'll be enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables, straight from the crate!

Here's how I got my green on, all in an afternoon.
Immediate gratification? Guaranteed!
I picked up these boxes from a local wine shop - gratis. The owner was charmed by the idea of filling these boxes with baby lettuce and broccoli.
These are a few of my favorite things:
strawberries, spinach, broccoli, tomato, and mesclun greens
I drilled a few drainage holes in the base.
Next, I lined the crates with old paper bags.
Fill the crates with organic potting mix. Gently loosen the plant roots.
Place 3 or 4 per box, leaving room to grow.
I like things in their place - even my plants! I picked up these stainless sticks in Target's $1 section. Before my produce er, produces, these will help me keep everything straight.

Now it's up to Mother Nature. The containers are living on my front porch, which gets strong sunshine and plenty of April Showers.
I'll post a produce update later this season.
Are you planning to plant? Or joining a CSA?
How does your garden grow?

MAY UPDATE: We have produce progress! Thanks to April Showers, we have May Spinach. See the results and make a raw Spinach Slaw.


  1. Super cute idea! My husband and I finally have a backyard but our landlord is thinking about putting up a new fence so I don't want everything to get torn up. Guess we're sticking to containers for at least one more season!

  2. this is such an awesome idea! especially since i dont think im gonna get a proper garden anytime in the near future... love it so much!! guess i need to get on with the wine drinking!;) much love xx

  3. Great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this idea! I was looking for a temporary way to try my hand at growing some edibles without investing loads of time/money or digging up the backyard. Thank you!!

  5. Those are sooo cute! I love the idea! I am following your blog! Great ideas on here! Erin

  6. Just found your blog and I LOVE this idea. I think I might give it a try asking at my local wine store. We'll see! :)